Control process involves central control and daily field follow-up. It starts from sample retrieval to the control of the final database.

Central Control:

It is the daily follow-up of researchers, field supervisors and observers. It is centered mainly on the GPS follow-up recorded in the data collection software, which enables the central control team to monitor the movement of researchers and the areas where data collection was carried out during the fieldwork phase. In addition, the central control process enables the daily monitoring of the quality of the questionnaires that have been filled during each working day, and this is complementary to the daily field-follow up, which was conducted by regional field supervisors and observers.

The central team conducts the database control process, which is a set of statistical tests (contrast ratios and duplication in the database …), which aims to prevent fraud during the data collection process.

Field follow-up

The field follow- up team, which consists of supervisors and field monitors, watches over the fieldwork process and respect of the agreed-upon methodology. In addition to the qualitative follow-up of the methodology of work and the quality of the questionnaires, and the supervision of the second visit, which includes most often 10% of the total final sample, the International Institute for the Study of Public Opinion (IIPOS) adheres to all scientific and international standards. We are abreast of the majority of scientific publications in the field of monitoring the quality of work in the process of opinion polls.